Taste Gallery @ Sunnybank

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This is another xialonpo place apparently run by the same owners as the closed Shamgpaign kitchen. People have been raving about it ao finally paid a visit.

Some of the dishes were pretty big so struggled to finish all the stuff we ordered.

What an attractive menu! All the neat Chinese specialty dishes I can think of spread out into a two page expansive menu. Emphasis on the yumcha and tapas dishes rather than normal stir fry. Made me want to order the whole lot!

Xiao Lon Po. Solid! Very very nice.

Tantanmien. Perhaps the only real let down. Ordered to see what theirs was in comparison, this one was a spaghetti Bolognese with heaps of Tabasco. Not bad, and finished it of course but was not exotic or far from Sichuan, unless this is the real thing.

Peking duck, pretty good quality.

Wonton soup, very good. Soup is not salted, but perhaps this is authentic. The iwanori seaweed is a nice touch.

Century egg congee with duck. Also very weak in flavor but no complaints. Very nice once you add a
Dash of soy sauce.

Three little mice, very real looking, filled with sweet black sesame paste.

Pork shiumai, plump and also with some juice that pops out when you bite into it.

Loads of more attractive stuff on the menu so have to return.












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