Grosset 1996 Cab Sav blend

Was in on another fantastic vintage wine treat last weekend.

Invited over to our friend’s new house and was treated a full course treat. Bagna cauda w steamed veggies, young fruity olives, a charcuterie plate, main dish consisting of italian sausages, choice wagyu sirloin perfectly medium rare and still having a caramelized outer layer served w roasted veggies seasoned with thyme and speck, a snack break with Japanese kelp twisties, biscuits, etc. then a warm apple crumble with rich vanilla ice cream. Even after that, a homemade mitarashi dango (glazed rice cakes) and coffee. Everything was perfect but the highlights being the wagyu, veggies and the 1996 vintage Grosset Cab Sav Blend. A wonderfully full wine but not too overpowering, the strong cab sav tamed to a good balance and floral nose and length with the added cab franc and merlot coming in later for a really smooth mouth coating finish.

Thank you so much M san and S san! I could tell the amount of effort and money put into preparing this gorgeous feast. I won’t be able to top that one but let us host the next one!





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