Sustainability. We like to do our share and rely on suppliers that share the same philosophy such as Bangalow Sweet Pork. Don’t abuse anybody or resources so that a positive prolonging cycle can be maintained. However, it’s a keyword that’s used over and over again and I wonder whether people stop to think what it means in a personal sense.

I am not too sure about the younger generation but many Japanese people have had the “mottainai” ethics taught into them from a young age perhaps especially me from my mother but we believe that food must be treated with respect. Food resources are limited, farmers have worked hard to grow or raise the food on our table and we must also respect the animals and plants that have sacrificed their life so to become our nutriment. I hate throwing away ingredients and I use most of my ingredients to the fullest such as the ends of charsiu being eaten as charsiu rice, the broken noodle strands, the broken or too well done eggs get consumed during staff meals. Luckily most of my customers seem to share my passion for food and I think for a comparable restaurant size, our food waste is minimal, even on a busy day, less than 1/4 of a 60ltr bin.

The above is a link my friend has shared in his facebook, of a eco-learning school having a session of killing live chickens to eat. To date, I have not had the chance to experience something like that other than a much softer version of fishing and filleting the fish. In the future I would love to participate in something like this with my daughters so that they fully appreciate what food is.


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