Key Restaurant at Maleny

Returned for a long awaited visit. Again perfect weather and spectacular views from the verandah. A good outing at the glass house mountains trails and finishing off with a fine lunch at Key.

On a special purpose visit to a favoirite restaurant like this, budgeting ain’t fun. Is the common slogan between my wife and I, so we went full on, entrees, mains, wine, desert, and coffee. Because here, every single course and dish is worth it. Ghanaian soup, mooloolaba prawns, jerk chicken, goat curry, desserts, the panna cotta w maleny milk, the coffee also made so rich with the local milk!!

Service is,,,, Better than any other three star restaurants anywhere. Very attentive and courteous and most of all we feel comfortable without having to feel uneasy in any way.

Was able to meet the chef too. Fabulous visit, we’ll be back soon!










20120618-144426.jpgKey Restaurant Maleny on Urbanspoon


2 Responses to Key Restaurant at Maleny

  1. Michelle says:

    Am a relatively recent convert to Key – we visited for the first time during the Queen’s Birthday long weekend
    The jerk chicken was absolutely yummy, and the plantain chips were great too

    • Oh the banana chips were sold out when we visited! Re, Jerk Chicken, although it was delicious, they gave us the breast wing qtr and when I asked the chef later on, she said we can try requesting which portion of chicken depending on availability. This is a big plus because I just love the thigh and drumstick portions. Last time at KFC, the ?*&%!? young man gave me all brest pieces after I asked for no breast, that really ruined my day….

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