Taro’sの想い/Our Philosophy – In Detail

オーストラリアにお住まいの皆様に美味しくて安全なラーメンを ご提供したい。その気持ちを大切にラーメンを作っています。使 用する素材は天然にこだわり、化学調味料、保存料を使っておりません。素材の選択には一切の妥協をせず、鮮度が命の食材は現地で最高級のものを、乾物などは日本の信頼のおけ る生産者の最高のものを取り寄せております。自らの味覚・感性で吟味した最高の材料をふんだんに使用し、研究を重ね編 み出した自慢のレシピで、天然のうまみ成分を最大限に引き出 した体に優しい本物の味を是非ご賞味下さい。

To deliver the safest and the most delicious bowl of ramen ever to Australia. Taro trusts his sense and taste more than anything when it comes to selecting ingredients. Our ramen does not contain any MSG or preservatives and we only use the best natural ingredients. The produce that requires freshness is sought out locally and dry goods etc are gathered from personally trusted suppliers in Japan. Please enjoy the “real flavor” Taro has created by using the best ingredients and his best recipes.

The above is the message we have on our website. Every restaurant has a similar message and it has struck me that although we do really great things, we are not appealing these things well enough to our consumers. We didn’t start from the price. IF we do that, we have to compromise quality to squeeze a profit. We created the ramen and then priced it. When customers spend $15 on our ramen, they are not just getting a quick composition of commoditized ingredients, they are getting a passionate work condensed into a bowl utilizing the below components.

Super Premium Pork from Bangalow Sweetpork – For charsiu and ramen soup, the soup is cooked for 3 days.

Organic Free Range Eggs from Country Range Farming at the Darling Downs – For our famous soft cooked egg

Fresh hormone free Australian Chicken – For soup, we use eating wings which cost 3 times as much as frames or necks.

Home made noodles using our specially imported Japanese noodle making machine and Australian unbleached flour.

Dried fish stock is flown in from Tokushimaya in Osaka, Japan. They tailor make a Taro’s blend mixing in Bonito, Mackerel, Sardine, Squid, Kelp, Scallops, Shrimp, Shiitake Mushrooms.

Bamboo, we don’t like the prepared bamboo shoots available from wholesalers so asked Daiwa Foods QLD to import salted bamboo fermented shoots so we can de-salt them for over 2 days, and then flavour them using only sake, mirin, koikuchi soy sauce and sesame oil.

Organic Nori (seaweed) from Hoshi family in Shichigahama Japan – currently unavailable due to Japan Earthquake and using alternative nori from China. We taste tested 15 different types, none was even close to nori from the Hoshi Nori shop but compromised on one available brand with a super thick characteristic.

Local shallots cut twice every day and soaked in water to get rid of too much stimulative taste.

Cheerful Service. Our staff are happy because they get paid properly and not being taken advantage of. Our wage for casual employees are in line with the legally protected minimum wage for the industry which is $19.20 minimum (present May 2012).

*I should note that currently we purchase our takana, red ginger, mayonnaise, curry paste etc for our non ramen items and these do contain MSG. So if we are to use the same slogan as Coles and many Chinese restaurants that use heaps of Oyster Sauce, Soup stock etc that contain flavour enhancer 621, we are “No Added MSG” for our non ramen items. These items are supplied to customers for their convenience.


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