A Collaboration of Common Passion!! / Pat’s Smoked Pork

Pat at Bangalow Sweetpork fell in love with our Fire Tonkotsu, every week, after he delivers the pork and he satiates his craving, we chat about BSP, his passion of smoking meats, and food in general. Yesterday, he delivered his handmade slow smoked Bangalow Sweetpork neck to match with his favorite ramen. Enjoy the distinct smoke flavour fresh and soak in hot soup to enjoy the melt in your mouth tenderness. Pat has cooked it intentionally unsalted so enjoy with a bit of salt when tasting fresh or with the soup.

Limited Introduction @ $1.80 per slice (available until sold out probably 2 days only)

当店のお得意様であるBangalow SweetporkのPatさん。毎週彼がデリバリーしてくれる際、彼はお決まりの鬼赤豚骨を頼み、その後、僕とBangalow Sweetporkや彼のスモーク製法についての情熱や料理全般について話し込む。そんな彼が自分のスモーカーで作ったSmoked Pork。まずはスモーキーな香りを楽しんで、その後、スープに浮かべてとろけさせてください。スープとあわせるために塩控え目になっていますので、そのまま食べる際は塩を一振りすることをオススメします。


3 Responses to A Collaboration of Common Passion!! / Pat’s Smoked Pork

  1. Thanks for trying everyone! Sold out in a day and a half. Pat’s earned himself 4 bowls of fire tonkotsu ramen!

  2. pat says:

    Glad to hear that the slow smoked Bar-be-cue pork sold well for you. I hope your clients enjoyed the flavour combination of the pork and your fantastic tonkotsu fire soup.
    I’m a big fan of your soup, as you know, and was happy to add my twist to it.

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