Second annual big eater competition / 第二回たろ’s大食い選手権

Winner, for the second year in a row, Y san defends the title. This year he was without any rivals in the same league.

Runner up, M chan. The cutest girl with a mismatching strength, appetite of a horse. At 3 years of age, I can not help but be excited about her upcoming ogui career.




2 Responses to Second annual big eater competition / 第二回たろ’s大食い選手権

  1. Jdizrat says:

    When can we see something like this at Taro’s ?

    • Hi Dizrat,

      Interesting info, thanks. Unfortunately not on my plan at Taro’s though.

      1) Our ramen is a passionate handmade creation using non commoditized super premium ingredients such as Bangalow Sweetpork, organic free range eggs, home made noodles w australian unbleached flour, all this provided at a reasonable price. 2) therefore it would be a waste to not enjoy the ramen to the fullest.

      With good wine, I like to pay respect to the winemaker and enjoy the fine bottles before I get trashed.

      But I do love Ogui (big eating) so you will undoubtedly get my respect if you do extra noodles more than me. My usual is normal bowl + 2 kaedama! Good thing about kaedama is you will be able to enjoy the ramen when you start the bowl with the exception of needing to leave the majority of the soup and then move on to pig out as much as you want without compromising the al dente- ness.

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