Tonkotsu Tare

This core component has been something that has been left untouched for a long time. There had been a few minor tweaks but the base has been left untouched because I thought it was that good. The character of the previous Tare is the mellow mouth coating flavors of kelp and dried shiitake. The intention this time is to add a frame to the rich mellow taste of our tonkotsu soup with just a hint of some refreshing acidity from vinegar and ginger as well as packing a further umami punch with bangalow sweet pork extract. We have been increasing the density of the soup lately so the soup itself has enough mellowness and could use a Tare with some framing flavors rather tha overdoing the mellow sticky richness. So the mad scientist inside of me got me started. You probably will not taste the sourness etc but might taste a difference in the soup, pls give me feed back on the new taste.

トンコツダレの改良実験。bangalow sweet porkポークエキス、酢、生姜が加わりスッキリさが味に輪郭を与えます。いままでの昆布と椎茸ベースのマロっと感も好きだったんですが、最近スープ自体の濃度をあげている事もあり、酸味のよる味の輪郭付もいいかもしれないと思いました。ぜひfeed backお待ちしております。

2 Responses to Tonkotsu Tare

  1. 店長 says:

    こんにちは 御無沙汰しています。taroさん!

    • 店長、あざーす!最近ちょっと熱が高まってきまして。やっぱり立ち止まると終わりですよね。こちらも店長のブログ欠かさずみています!たっぷり刺激いただいています。そういえばこないだラーメン新聞なるものにアクアパッツァの店主の趣味で作る賄ラーメンが記事になっていましたけど、すばらしい情熱ですね。息子さんはいい修行先を選ばれましたね。

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