The Best of Brisbane – 30 second movie clip competition by the Good Guide

The Good Guide comp for 30 second video clip “The Best of Brisbane” is closing on 30 Apr. You win amazing prizes like 52 super banquets at the best restaurants in town during the coming year and I think they were giving away 11 prizes all up… I wonder if they even have enough entries, their website only shows 4 clips so far and it’s two weeks from closing!!!  Maybe if you submit anything at all, automatic winner!!??  Our prize is a 8 course degustation for two including matching drinks, beer, wine, shochu and sake which pretty much covers everything on our menu! 

The Good GuideさんのBest Of Brisbaneていう動画コンペ。素人作の30秒動画でどしどしGood Guide参加のお店を紹介しちゃおうて言う企画なんですけど、Good Guideさんが更新してないからなのかそれともまだ応募がないのか応募作品が4つくらい?締め切り今月末なのに!いまなら何でも作って応募するだけで信じられない豪華商品がゲットできちゃうかもです!うちの提供商品も店主と(←これオプションなのでご安心を)当選者二名様でTaro’sを飲みつくし、食べつくしちゃいましょう($300相当)という企画。


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