Easter Break

We did three BBQ’s during the three days off we had.

Invited to a friend’s over for a sit down BBQ. My friend R-san doing the hard work and the guests seated at his modern sleek yet comfortable dining room. The lamb was beautiful! A good match with my favorite peppermint paddock sparkling chambourcin. Later on we (I) got carried away (singly) peer pressuring R san to show me his cellar and opening up a fine floral Evesham Wood Pinot Noir from Oregon USA. Really floral feminine wine, light in color but strong in alcohol punch and nicely perfumed. This was something I had never experienced. It has been cellared for quite a while and you can definitely tell from the gutsy alcoholic punch but the floral aroma is so young and beautiful. 










Next at my tennis mate’s house we casually grilled some salmon on the Barbie. A bed of veggies and salmon with lemon, butter, parsley wrapped in foil and steam grilled. Matched with the Leeuwin Estate Art Series Riesling. This was a nice interval in our carnivorous weekend. 


Finally we entertained a family with Bangalow sweet pork cheek yakiniku. The Pinot our dear guest had brought was marvelous. Felton Road Block 3 2005 vintage, out of a perfectly condiones private cellar. A drastic comparison to the Oregon style, a classic Central Otago full bodied red. Deep black red in color, the body of a shiraz , the mouth coating mellowness of a good merlot, the distinct floral bouquet of a fine Pinot! I have never had such a fulfilling, moreish pinot before.  Our starter Clover Hill and Parker Estate are both good wines but the Felton Road lingered in my mouth and in my mind for days and weeks…. 



2 Responses to Easter Break

  1. Simon says:

    If you ever get sick of cooking (I hope you don’t), a career awaits you in writing the labels on the back of wine bottles. Thanks again for a delicious lunch. Our turn next. Simon

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