The Perfect Steak

After seeing Heston Blumenthal’s YouTube video of the same title, and seeing Jamie Oliver do up steak in his casual way, I had a hard time controlling my carnivorous cravings.

Got myself a proper cut at the local chop shop, Yearling Rib on the bone, 9cm thick 0.9kg. Got Jamie’s sauce ingredients ready. Dusted off my little creme brûlée torch out. Torched the exterior of the steak to seal it and kill off any bacteria. Put it in the oven at a low 50c for two hours. In fact, Heston does it for 24 hours, Not trusting the home oven thermostat and lack of time, Also my little torch running out of butane, I had to cut back on the time. The intent is to get the muscle to really relax and letting the enzymes break down the tissue a bit to get ultimate tenderness. After getting this part done, I rub the meat with plenty of salt, pepper and olive oil. Preheat the oven to 180c and put on two pans to a scorching state. Considering it is a 9 cm monster cut, I grill it for 3min an then transfer it to the second pan for another 3min. Used the le cruset pan so I can transfer it in the oven directly to finish it off without burning the meat. In the oven for 8 min and then transferred to a aluminum foil and rest for a good 5 minutes. Slice it and mix the resting juice with chopped fresh oregano, chives, grated garlic, lemon juice, salt, and unheated shoyu. I didn’t have a meat thermometer and was a bit scared of cutting it to see how it looked but it was a perfect pink blushed medium with nice caramelization around the edges.

Good outcome but good to the standard i am used to at a good steak restaurant. So i am planning part two with 24 hours of low temp oven enzyme activation heating process. I have already ordered a proper chef’s butane torch to really scorch the meat and will have to sort out trusting the oven thermostat but I am sure I will find a way. Probably stick in a thermometer with high and low temp records over night to experiment.









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