Big Chief Burgers @ Harbour Town

I mentioned BIg Chief or BCB as we like to call it as our favorite burger joint.

To be exact we hadn’t given them a visit for a while now. Usually a strong candidate when choosing eats on the coast, we hadnt gone south for a while now. Back when we were keen we did make a few trips primarily for BCB and maybe some shopping to top up the justification list.

We were not planning on going this morning, having made some onigiri and some tea and fruits for breakfast but as we drove by on the way to harvourtown shopping centre the conversation got the better of us and we ended up doing a U-ey back to BCB.

Perhaps a bad day or maybe the ace griller was on leave, our long craved, long awaited traditional burger standing proud and tall (pictured) was not as juicy as my memory. I did notice a large sign saying change of management. Still I would have hoped franchises outlets like these would at least be good at consistency. Anyway a sad result though not bad enough to stop us from inhaling it. The salads and the generous bbq smothering ends up making it pretty moreish. The chips were also more like beer battered or at least thicker in memory but there were just a simple straight cut 10mm same as the ones we serve with a bit of salt and chicken salt.

A little disappointed this time but will come back again to check it out again soon!




2 Responses to Big Chief Burgers @ Harbour Town

  1. Jesse says:

    Just flicking through your blog and noticed your disapointment – That BCB has gone down hill since the change of management…. The best big chief I’ve found is at broadbeach – it’s always been consistantly good if your down that way and need a burger its worth checking out, bistro with bbq is my go to.

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