Temperature of Ramen

We target our ramen to be served at a hot 80 degrees. this is hot enough to burn you and be steaming. This is pretty much as hot as it gets without sacrificing consistency and quality.

In the kitchen there are various measures to meet this standard. We warm all the bowls up in the oven, always make sure the soup temp at the stove is 95-98degrees. The difficulty is that flavouring sauce must be kept at room temperature and toppings at refrigerated temps. These items must be added at the last second to maintain freshness and taste. The ramen is dished up and delivered to the customer within a matter of minutes, usually not more than 120 seconds. We don’t use heat lamps, we don’t ring a bell for the waiters to come pick it up, the bowl must be served IMMEDIATELY and i will deliver it myself if there is no one around to deliver. Literally, every single second counts in terms of preserving the al dente texture and the temperature.

The shoyu is usually the hottest as there is a layer of aroma oil on the surface to protect the temperature loss. Shio is a bit less hot because we add fresh sprouts on top.

As much as we try, there is the potential for some human error along the way so you are welcomed to request extra hot when you order and we’ll be extra careful to adhere to the procedure.



4 Responses to Temperature of Ramen

  1. gabe says:

    Your attention to detail is thoroughly appreciated. Taro ramen is always spot-on. Delicious.

  2. Michelle says:

    What Gabe said!

    I think we don’t fully comprehend the amount of detail that goes into every bowl of ramen

    Thank you giving us a ‘behind the scenes’ peek 🙂

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