Yuuga @ Surfer’s Paradise

When they first opened I was awed by their selection of special local fish available as sashimi and other dishes. They presented it on Japanese paper in calligraphy as tosay’s specials and it was as authentic and my kind of restaurant as it can get. Today, their owner has changed hands a couple times so I hear and went to pay them a visit for the first time in maybe 5 years. Ordered weekly lunch set consisting of seared salmon donburi and cheese chicken katsu, Sushi moriawase, kaisen don, sushi sashimi set, and an asahi on tap.

The fish was fresh, the eggplant nibitashi on the side of the weekly lunch set was beautiful. No bad aku taste and the dashi broth strong and delicate at the same time, suspect they are using usukuchi soy sauce.

The service was efficient but a bit mechanical and manualized, the not so good sides of Japanese culture. It’s nothing to whine about but is a little symbolic of what I felt so I will describe an incident during the meal. I was offered uni (sea urchin) at $3.50 so I opted for this both in the kaisen don (sashimi add on) and sushi set (gunkan add on). Upon check out, I noticed that I didn’t get uni in my sushi set and in the kaisen don there was 1 piece of uni.  I did mention the lack of uni for my sushi set and did not mention about the kaisen don because there was one piece in it and I didn’t know for sure that this was or wasnt the $3.50 add on.  I was given a $3.50 refund for the sushi set with an apology.

Their decor and food are at a very high standard but it just did not overturn my preference of You just down the escalators.




20120320-123820.jpgYuuga Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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