You @ Surfers Paradise

Two Saturdays in a row!!

Gold Coast is so lucky to have so many authentic Japanese restaurants but I am surprised that being a man with a nose for good food I had not had the pleasure of knowing this gem during my 8 years of reaidency in Brisbane.

It’s simply that good. Situated in a quiet unnoticeable off street spot, you need to be in the know to walk into this shop.

Their yakitori is amazing and their sushi is pretty darn good. Little touches on top of reducing the selection to minimum so turnover is fresh and quick. Little touches like, ever so slightly blanching the prawn to increase flavor and texture, putting in numerous half cuts in the cuttlefish to increase the Texture. Wakame in the sunomono and miso soup are still chewy.

I just love the chef’s way of doing things, tireless effort and selecting attractive dishes to add to the specials board. I have to return to try grilled tsubodai. We had to try out all of the little amuse bushe. I think they I’ve you their selection of three when you order an alcoholic beverage.






20120311-220639.jpgYou Japanese on Urbanspoon


One Response to You @ Surfers Paradise

  1. Revisit. Fourth visit in five weeks! What can I say their sushi is fresh, their yakitori is roasted to perfection, appetizers executed perfectly. Their desserts are home made, Does this place have any flaws?
    On the last visit, we were Impressed at the Ten-Don. Perfect sauce and tempura fried perfectly to retain crunchiness with sauce. So today we ordered tendon, sushi set, chicken namban set, green salad, gyoza. Green salad was once again impressive. Peeled tomato! Very Japanese, the cucumbers cut to precision 1mm every slice, the avo was perfectly ripe and the dressing was a “pietro” type roasted onion dressing. This is a bit advertise-sounding and I am obviously biased so readers can be warned but gyoza, Taro’s win by a mile!

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