Green Tea @ Fortitude Valley

Today we tried out Green Tea in the Valley. It is always pretty busy and I was eager to find out why.

To try to make it healthy we ordered the following.

Seasonal greens Malaysian style
Make your own summer rolls – sugar cane prawn
Tomato and egg fried rice
Special beef pho

Every single dish was delicious. The Malaysian greens I ordered without any knowledge and with a simple expectation of exotic and healthy, which was exactly what I got. Asian veg gailan or choisum stir fried with onions capsicums and crab miso. Makes veggies from obligation to moreish star.

Tomato and egg fried rice, the best fried rice I have had in a while. I can not think of a restaurant that does fried rice perfectly in Brisbane. My definition of perfect is being thoroughly cooked, rice falling apart in your mouth and not clumping or sticking. Seasoned perfectly and not overly oily or dry. Not being overlooked or dry and retaining some moisture whilst staying free flowingly para para. This was it. Since I can’t recall having such fried rice recently in Brisbane, I would like to give this dish the best fried rice in Brisbane award.

The beef noodle soup was not overladen with MSG, piping hot. I would have liked more rare beef and this bowl did not have the tripes.

The make your own summer roll is really not a cooked dish so not too much to comment.

The drinks list is very impressive. Not impressive as the one dimensional critics would love but well thought with a good theme. That is introducing various boutique wineries and bottles while still keeping at the budget. We had the beers but wine list was interesting to read. The beer is also new brads to me. Huda from vietnam and Tianjin from china. Huda had a rich yeasty flavor and the Tianjin was very clean and crisp. The house recommended wine is a well lees fermented bone dry rose which has aromas and character unlike a typical rose. Just reading the description made me want to order.

We left fully satisfied and feeling very won over by the producer of the shop.

The last visit to red lotus and now here. I was really pleasantly rewarded with rediscovering Chinatown.





20120311-214904.jpgGreen Tea on Urbanspoon


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