Deviled truffle eggs w balsamic memma

Failed upload. Offer has ended.

Post written on March 6th.

Truffles are back, this time from Bologna Italy. It is getting to the season end so the truffles are mature and full of aroma! Truffle Ramen is going to be sold out very soon.

Meanwhile, an accident in the kitchen! my precious soft boiled egg recipe was not followed and i now have heaps of overcooked eggs. Taro’s imagination has been provoked. The answer, Deviled truffle eggs w balsamic memma. Special for today tomorrow only or until sold out. $8.20. Take advantage of the situation! I am pretty sure you will never be able to taste winter truffles at such a cheap price anywhere else.



2 Responses to Deviled truffle eggs w balsamic memma

  1. Michelle says:

    Oh no, missed out!
    Is your truffle ramen upgrade for $2 extra still going? =)

    • This one was not popular in terms of catching customers eye and getting ordered so actually ended up giving them away to late arriving customers but the ones that did eat them are nagging me to make it a regular item.. Will not happen but told them I can make it if they book a banquet party!

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