Tanuki @ Strathpine

New japanese shop specializing in yakitori. Location is out of my territory so even though wanted to try it out, did not get the chance until today. I heard of this shop being opened up after months of success as a food stall in the weekend markets. It ticks a lot of common boxes for me so I want to support this shop.

Clear theme. Yakitori is one of the most popular specialty cuisines for people who want to have a bite to eat with their mates after work. Also popular with foreigners that visit Japan. Translates to grilled chicken. It is exactly what the two words describe. Various portions of chicken cooked on charcoal fire on skewers. Sydney has a massively popular yakitori joint, a personal favorite of mine, Toriciya which is loved by Japanese and locals alike.

Authentic. Owner Yamamoto san is Japanese, the waitress was Japanese, there was effort put in to provide an authentic atmosphere.

Independent. Not existing to any large franchise or chain, this is the work of a young man who is trying to realize his dream.

I ordered negima(thigh and leek), tsukune (meat ball) with Tare(sweet soy sauce) and zuri(giblet), hatsu(heart), kimo(liver), kawa(skin), binjiri(tail), harami(diaphragm), with salt.

I also ordered yakionigiri, daikon salad, lotus root chips, cartilage karaage.

Winners, negima especially the leek!, tsukune, zuri, hatsu, kimo, kawa, harami, yakionigiri.

Personally I prefer all the kushi less well done. All the chicken including the offal tasted really fresh and i felt that there was no need for the overheating. I also felt cartilage karaage though well seasoned was also over cooked. This is partly a personal preference but i will mention it simply as a reference. All in all a delicious meal and I wish to return regularly to see this restaurant take off to become a popular joint it deserves to become.

Also though apparently considered a delicacy, I didn’t like the bonjiri, as it was too fatty and the small pieces of bones just gets in the way.

BYO is welcomed and the service was heart warming, that is, when you’re greeted with a nice smile all the way through your meal, it also fills your heart up!











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