Beastie Burgers @ Southbank

A Sunday date with my daughters.

Sheepish Sheik
American in Noosa
Hand Cut Chips
Hoogarden white ale

My lamb burger had grilled pumpkin eggplant. Was a very thick party and nice and pink in the centre. The chips were just awesome. The onion rings ordered by others stacked sky high!! prompted me but i stayed calm promising myself to get them next time. The American I ordered for the kids had avo, Swiss cheese, tomato relish and salad. Nice. Kids only finished half so had to finish the other half, nice.. The salad includes a gourmet blend of endives rocket, etc. the cheeses are quality and the pattie is super thick and juicy. Reasonable prices for a massive stomache filling wholesome burger, quite easy to accept that these guys are kicking!!

I would include these guys, grilled and big chief as my fav burger joints in Qld. With big chief still at the top of my list being closest to the taste I remember from my childhood days in America.





20120226-162718.jpgBeastie Burgers on Urbanspoon


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