Mos Burger @ Surfers Paradise

Teriyaki burger aficionados rejoice! Mos burger is here! Mos spicy and rice burger w ginger pork were good too. They have a good selection of unsweetened drinks on selection so good to lighten the guilt. The cranberry ice tea was served w a fat straw like pearl tea and was refreshing!





20120221-173711.jpgMOS Burger Surfers Paradise on Urbanspoon


3 Responses to Mos Burger @ Surfers Paradise

  1. James says:

    Every second weekend finds me out at the Sunnybank MOS Burger, and I agree that the Cranberry Iced Tea is great – it is quite addictive. It looks as though a MOS Burger will soon open on Albert St in the city, in the part of Albert St between Queen and Adelaide Streets. Could be bad for my health…

  2. honolulueats says:

    OMG is that my niece’s adorable arms and chin with the orange juice? I’m so jealous you have a MOS burger there. I wish we had one here…

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