Breakfast Creek Hotel @ Newstead

Our favorite eating place when guests come from out of town. Very Australian and Qld atmosphere.

Oysters natural. Recently they stock local rocks as compared w the SA or Tassie Pacific. Honestly I prefer the Pacifica but rocks every once in a while isn’t half bad.

Rib fillet, rare w chips and salad, mushroom sauce. And of course my BYO condents, wasabi, yuzu chilli pepper paste and soy sauce. My wife usually has the fillet mignon but she tried the wagyu striploin and it was pretty good but she ordered med rare and it was a bit dry close to med well. The kids mini steak was yummy too.

After coming here many times, I have figured out that their cooking times are based on a standard eye fillet or rib fillet. These cuts are 3-4cm thick. Anything thinner or thicker you have to do the calculation for them. If you always want your steak med rare, then order your fillet mignon (6-7cm) medium, and for the wagyu striploin (2cm) order it rare.

Schooner of ‘off the wood’.



<img src="" alt="20120206-234937.jpg" class=Breakfast Creek Hotel on Urbanspoon“alignnone size-full” />


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