Cam Ranh @ Darra

This is the first restaurant in Darra inala area I had been introduced to. I became instantly addicted to the tropical Asian atmosphere. It’s like you’re in Ho chi min. Also the unbelievably cheap mud crab! Eat a crab in a fancy seafood restaurant in the city you’re bound to pay 100 bucks straight up. Here, it’s 53 per kilo. I was used to paying around 40 a kilo but seems prices have inflated a bit. The owner must have changed 5 times since my first visit and they now take eftpos. Crab tasted ok. But not wonderfully fresh. The brains taste really sweet when it’s fresh but this time I found it to be slightly bitter. The noodles for the chow mein also slightly too crunchy, not absorbing the gravy enough.

I actually travelled over to addiction restaurant next to the Ipswich highway but was burned down… Must have served unfresh crab to the wrong man.



20120111-164234.jpgCam Ranh on Urbanspoon


2 Responses to Cam Ranh @ Darra

  1. Michelle says:

    Hey Taro,
    What a coincidence – I get my crab fix here too!
    I have to say the sauce isn’t as good as what you might get in Malaysia, but when I went, the crabs were pretty fresh and huge (we tend to get smaller ones in Malaysia imported from Sri Lanka)

  2. shigeru says:

    Hi Taro san,
    What we call “kani miso” is actually not their brain but their liver. Crabs do not have that much of brains that we can munch on.

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