Christmas Party

Invited to a home party. Christmas with authentic Aussie taiwanese and malaysian food.

My friend E on the good old barbecue cooking up drumsticks and steak.

Taiwanese cold noodles with sesame sauce being freshly assembled.

A mild chicken curry and a spicy rendan chicken. Some beef shin and radish casserole.

Stir fried egg noodles with soy sauce. Steamed vegetables. Steamed beans.

View from the patio.

Thanks E and C, Mr & Mrs H for the wonderful hospitality every year!!








3 Responses to Christmas Party

  1. Michelle says:

    Hope you and your family had a great Christmas!
    The curry-and-noodles combo is such typical Malaysia celebration fare – miss it sometimes, despite the plethora of good stuff we get here!

    • Hi Michelle, we had a good Xmas but fwded one day cause my wife was on a flight early Xmas day. Kids unwrapped presents on the 24th and joined our Malaysian-chinese friends on the 25th. I disagree on the available good food here. That’s the biggest reason for me to start up my shop cause I thought I could contribute to the barren mid tier sector.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Taro,

    Christmas a day early sounds good, as long as it occured – it would be tragic if it didn’t, especially if you have a young family!

    Hmmm, that is interesting – I have had good food at the top (pricier) end (eg: modern French at Baguette) and the low end (eg: various outlets at Sunnybank), but not from the middle end of the market

    I think there is good food available in Brisbane but you have to go looking for it (diligently too!) – it’s not easily accessible like in Sydney and Melbourne

    Keep up the good work – I think more and more Brisbanites are becoming ‘real’ ramen aficionados after they realise how good the ‘real’ stuff can taste!!!

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