Grill’d @ Chermside







I have no idea why burgers are always usually pretty bad here in oz.  Do people actually like the soggy breadcrumb dilution?  Well, grill’d does’em right, american standard, plus good aussie accents.  The bread is good quality panini or wnolemeal bun, the relishes and salads plentiful and fresh. 

Plus a few quirky stints like customers being given tokens to vote which charity they believe should receive donations from grill’d.  Another one is a sign saying they will close tonight for staff Xmas party, priority on fun!  

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4 Responses to Grill’d @ Chermside

  1. Michelle says:

    Am a Grill’d fan as well – I generally default to their Field of Dreams but am rapidly developing a soft spot for the Big Queenslander as well!

    Dropped by on Monday night to have dinner at your place – my family loves the new chilli ramen! Adds just the right zing, in my humble opinion

    Everything was really really good (as usual), but it was missing a certain indefinable ‘something’ as you weren’t there and probably on a well-deserved break!
    Will definitely try and catch you next time! =)

    • Hi Michelle, sorry I missed you on Monday. So sweet of you to say so. We are moving house and I was steaming the carpets of the new apartment that evening! I did have a lazy lunch at grill’d to get my energy up but I was so worn out after the big job…

  2. Michelle says:

    Ah, steam-cleaning carpets is back-breaking stuff!
    Hope the move went smoothly

    I reckon it would take a Grill’d burger and a jolt of caffeine to get the energy levels back up again after doing the carpets

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