Sense Japanese Takeaway @ Fortitude Valley





A shop I wanted to visit.  They opened around the same time as Taro’s and also shared one more thing in common.  N san, an opening member staff also worked at this shop. 

Chicken Nanban Large 10.90
Generous serving of 10 odd battered chicken pieces with tangy tartare sauce.  Over rice, with a side of tomato and potato salad. Came out quick!

And…  Tendon Small 8.90
Fresh and crispy, but personally I felt the seasoning is too weak.  I am a fan of the Edomae (tokyo style) Tendon which they dip the entire tempura in sweet soy sauce before laying on rice then pouring the sauce once more.  They did pour sauce on rice but their sauce was a little weak for me.    

Gochiso sama desita!

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One Response to Sense Japanese Takeaway @ Fortitude Valley

  1. Al Walker says:

    Have you tried Harajuka Gyoza yet Taro??

    Marti and I were going to go and check it out one night this week, sounds great for a quick snack.

    Cheers Al

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