Orion beer on tap / オリオン樽生





We are proudly the first restaurant in australia to serve Orion Beer on tap. 

A japanese serving machine was installed today and it tasted awesome.
There are only a few truly Japanese grade nama bi-ru available in australia.  This is because many beers are licensed and brewed locally.  Also the froth on the top is not common here and this makes so much difference in taste.  I dont know whether this is due to equipment being different or whether the quality of beer itself.

Anyway kanpai to real japanese nama bi-ru!!


9 Responses to Orion beer on tap / オリオン樽生

  1. Richard, Rosa, Lachlan & Oliver says:

    Akimoto-San, we are coming already…! Keep the bi-ru cold for me….. :o)

  2. Richard, Rosa, Lachlan & Oliver says:

    Yes, time does go fast. That ramen record was set on our very first visit to your reman cafe almost 2 years ago. We had 5 ramen btw 2 adults + 2 kids. As for the nama bi-ru……I am speechless. If I was not held back by others, I would have simply continued for quire a few more :o)

  3. Peter says:

    but where IS the restaurant????? We would like to drink Okinawan beer again but cannot find the place ……. is it called Sense Japanese Takeaway Restaurant?????

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