Rosies @ Noosaville




Rosies is our favourite restaurant in the Sunshine Coast.  We stop by robinson’s winery which is alo our first choice of accommodation, grab a chardonnay and a cab sav or merlot and head to Rosie’s.  

Without too much logic, I just prefer small personal restaurants. I have the belief that food tastes better in certain personal situations.  I understand that Chefs create the recipes and teach their junior chefs precisely what they should do and those junior chefs generally directly prepare the food.  This is the case in most establishments of a certain size.

However the atmosphere of the cozy tiny establishments are unbeatable. Rosie’s is the restaurant that fits this personal fettish. This establishment has no physical space for junior chefs. It is the owner himself waiting the tables, explaining the days specials and cooking the meals.  He amazingly handles several orders at once and still manages to put out the meals perfectly. 

Actually I tried to get a table on saturday evening and was completely booked out.  There are no thong wearing one timers here, it gets booked out by locals who come here to cherish a special evening. 

I missed out on the dinner so made a booking for sunday breakfst which we have never tried before. 

A very young girl was our waitress, she was professional and effective and had a good smile.  We had the following. 

Big Breakfast 14.90 w extra toast 2.50 (eggs scrambled, mushrooms sauteed w leeks, potatos a bit burnt, sausage is just too plain for me)

Eggs Benedict w smoke salmon 14.90?
(too much vinegar in egg cooking water and eggs not runny enough, too set). 

Lemon Butter Crepe 9.90 (excellent, lovely light butter creme and lemon sauce not overly sweet.  My daughters didnt like it, lucky for us adults who loved it!)

I found the place run by a different person and although the service and atmosphere perfect, the food was not outstanding.  I was looking fwd to seeing the chef with the blue check tea towel on his shoulder so was disappointed to not see him.  Totally understandable considering how busy he must have been the night before and all through the week. 

Then again, the price is pretty cheap too so if u consider the sunday breakfast individually, it is good value and a good feel way to start your day overlooking the traffic and the river. 


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