Pho Style Shio Ramen



I went shopping to the asian grocery shop.  So cooked something differnt for lunch. 

Shio ramen with sprouts, vietnamese basil, coriander, and lemon.  Healthy and doesn’t make me sleepy or thirsty! 

Also century egg w tofu, chives and tomato, salt and chilli oil. 


6 Responses to Pho Style Shio Ramen

  1. Michelle says:

    Interesting twist – looks delicious!
    Love the pairing of century egg with tomato too =)

  2. Michelle says:

    Hey Taro,

    I have only had roughly chopped century egg on top of a slab of chilled tofu with lashings of sesame oil – the addition of tomatoes is new to me!
    I imagine it would work really well though, especially for summer?

    Mum also makes what she calls three-egg mix – it’s basically a mixture of roughly chopped century egg a (1) and roughly chopped salted egg (1) mixed into beaten eggs (2) and steamed over low heat
    Probably works best if the mixture is contained in a shallow dish (so it cooks quicker)
    Home cooking at its best! =)

    • Michelle, thanks for the info. Steamed three egg mix! Sounds good. A bit like chawanmushi in Japanese cooking. Which, you put in things like chicken, prawn, ginkgo nuts, fish cake, shiitake, bamboo shoots in a chawan (tea cup) and put in egg and dashi broth beaten hard to a smooth mix, then steamed with a tea cup lid on. very hard to perfect.

  3. Michelle says:

    Yum! Totally love chawan mushi!!!

    I agree, it’s so hard to get that silky-smooth texture – I suspect they strain the mixture when pouring it into the cup prior to steaming?

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