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We set off to a gourmet journey around Sunshine Coast.  We have our favourite detinations being 1) lunch at Kabi Organic Golf Farm 2) beach outing and steak at Apollonian Hotel at Boreen Point 3) Wine Tasting and accommo at Robinson Family B&B and Noosa Valley Vineyards. But to our dismay 1) and 3) were unavailable.  Thr robinson family shut their Noosa operation and Kabi was closed for some reason.  We let the day take its course as things tend to do when you are travelling with kids. 

We chose this restaurant by chance and boy am I glad we did.  Everything exceeded expectations.  Most important, Taste, big tick.  Setting, choose between beautfully high set terrace or logfire indoor.  Service, top notch first class service by experienced waiter, kids menu is provided with coloring pencils. Value, amazing.     

Ghanian Soup
Very spicy! 

Lamb Tagine
Intense tomato flavours with tender lamb

Jerk Chicken w Jollof Rice
I can’t describe even what a complex and savoury flavour this one tasted.  Black in appearance, reminded me of miso and herbs and chicken.  Jollof rice is like a tomato pilaf, just plain moreish.

Beef Kebabs (maybe a little different to my med or med rare expectations actually being welldone)

Kids Meal Chicken Kebabs (peanut sauce)

Cheese Platter for 2 (you forget cheese is this good when you usually just buy from Coles…)

Panna Cotta (take a spoonful and just need to take another, mumbling to myself that can’t be! Was that spoonful really that good?)

Latte (so creamy was too dumbfounded to even take a picture)

The coffee, panna cotta and cheese were mind blowingly good.  The waiter mentioned they use Maleny milk and the foam was like dollop cream.  Service by a mature expert waiter was very personal and comfortable.  Prices unbelievably reasonable (mains at mid to low 20’s) Views are stunning too!  I willl admit middle eastern and african cuisine is the most foreign category so I just can not even guess what sort of spices and techniques are used to create these dishes but I dont think I will get this impressed if they have done it wrong.

Will be back for sure! 

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Key Restaurant Maleny on Urbanspoon



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