Stacey’s Kitchen @ Noosaville




We had booked Rosies for Sunday breakfast but stopped by just in case they had a spare table. No such luck, completely packed!  So were driving around aimlessly around noosaville thinking it was hopeless with even the not so nice eateries fully patroned.  We were going to be tough to please with lingering memories of our lunch at Key on the back of our minds.  As we decided to just go into a Night Owl so we can make some fried eggs and salad, a good looking fish and cnhips shop jumped into my eye.  It passed my good vibe expectation test, so we decided to get some fish and chips!  Excellent!  A bit overcooked from my liking but Rock cod was huge and ocean trout was also nice.  Chips were chunky and well seasoned, perfect and beetroot and parmesan salad was nice.  Caramelized onion mayo sauce and tartare was probably homemade, very nice. 

We were also lucky to get some fresh Mooloolaba Prawns and some south african beef jerky from the grocery shop next door! 
You can notice that Mr Dan Murphy whipped me in the arse and unleashed my self control chain (initially meant to grab a few beers for the 3 of us). 

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