Great Sandy Bar and Restaurant @ Noosa North Shore







To our great disapppointment, Kabi Organic Golf Farm was closed.  Actually it is quite a drive so I called them along the way but the answering machine went, ‘Unfortunately, Kabi Golf Course is…’ message suddenly stopped and call began to divert.  After a few calls, another message starts, informing us that the course and clubhouse is open 7 days.  So we thought they were busy and couldnt answer my call…  I had a bad feeling with the ‘unfortunately’ bit but you kind of only believe what you want to so I took the ‘open 7 days’ bit…

Anyway, they were closed so we decided to venture across the Noosa river to the Noosa north shore.  An area I had not visited before.  I had no info except that we need to gett on a ferry to reach the area. As I got on the ferry and noticed every one else in 4wd’s, we started feeling a little lonely.  This increased as we proceeded along a road that became unsealed and eventually sandsurfaced. And I had to start humming the indy jones theme as we went over wooden log bridges that apparently can withstand grossload of 5 tons only.. 

Not being as handy as the land cruising folk with their fishing rods and camp stoves, our only lunch option was at the Great Sandy Bar and Restaurant.  The food was average.  Prices, 15.90 for a burger, 16.90 for a steak sandy, and 14.90 for a pizza, 40 for a stoneleigh sav blan, 4 for a schooner of local beer.  Food and beer prices are ok, wine is terrible value.  Service was ok with most of the front of house girls but when I asked the cook for some extra plates as I went to grab the self service meals, was given a mean face and joked 30 bucks for a plate, yea real funny. Next went to ask for some tomato sauce, ignored, ended up being served by a differnt staff, who also had no smile or no words as she passed me the sauce.  The same lady was pointing to the customers to grab her dishes as she cleared tables…  Astonishing..

Tastewise, you can see the burnt burger bun.  The patty was described as 100pc certified aussie beef but we were not warned that it was diluted with breadcrumbs to make it the usual aussie suburbia grade cafe style.  They weren’t exactly meticulous about quality. 

The kids play area is nice and the jumping pillow welcomed patrons of all ages.  My daughter wanted to go so we went in and she asked me whther daddy could also do a back flip like the group of teenagers that were in before us so Daddy said why of course I can and so I gave it a go.  Could have ended worse considering it was the first time I tried such a feat in 10 years. The schooner of coopers, couple glasses of savblanc and the steak sandwich behaved nicely in my full stomache.  Landing was embarrasing but the sign of respect in my daughter’s eyes still there! 

The food was subpar but the facilities were good and prices reasonable.  I will have to return to the area to accomplish my long standing mission to not only perefect my backflip but to catch school prawns with a net.  At the ferry terminal I saw a bird looking curiously into the water and then, a dozen little ripples and jumps of brownish reddish things on the surface!  That definitely has to be my dream, them live prawns waiting for me to catch!


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