Soba – Take 3



Soba is a different art all together.  So this is just a hobby rather than a professional effort.  I have been trying to make soba for a while now on my noodle machine.  I have not been able to create something I am satisfied with. 

I believe one issue is the size distribution of the particles of the organic buckwheat flour I purchased.  Due to it being too rough, it won’t hold water to keep the noodles intact. This time, I used kansui and increased the ratio of wheat flour, lowered the ratio of water and it came out pretty good appearance wise.  The taste is not soba but buckwheat ramen due to the kansui contained.  Next will be take 4, I will try omitting the kansui and slowering down the rolling speed.  

The more I fail, the more respect I gain for the soba master at Shimbashi in Chevron Island.  He has his own stone mill to create a fine flour.  He uses nothing but a bowl, stick and knife to create the exquisite noodles.


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