Taigum Gardens Chinese Restaurant @ Taigum

Who would have expected there would be a first class exclusive Chinese Restaurant in sleepy Taigum’s Centro Taigum Shopping Centre!?

After a long exciting day at the Moscow Circus (it was awesome by the way!! laughed my head off and my jaws dropped at some of the feats done by the performers!!) we felt like some good quality Chinese, easy on the wallet, healthy with heaps of veggies, good tasting meal with a cold beer and of course we had to satisfy my daughter’s specific request of sweet corn soup. Well, I had my eyes on Taigum Garden with some good reviews on the internet so we decided to make the trip. They cleared all those expectations except for the easy on the wallet part. We showed up in thongs with kids and ended up feeling that we were a little rude to the classy atmosphere with real flower arrangements and candle light ornaments on the tables.

Dim Sims ($18.00 for six). Delicious with good juiciness and plump texture with added accents of water chestnut and chinese sausage.

Sweet Corn Soup with Chicken ($12.00) It got my daughter’s approval!

Shark Fin Soup with Chicken ($16.50). We are used to the Manor @ Eight Mile Plains version with plenty of chewy shark fin (be it real or imitation). I think the Taigum version uses real dried sharkfin (but small) which does not provide the huge 3-5cm strips of shark fin which if made with all natural dried sharkfin would probably break the bank. This is my guess on my limited knowledge of shark fin being unbelievably expensive and on my attempts to make real natural shark fin soup with economy grade real dried shark fin (which I still paid $20 for a 10cm triangle to make 3-4 serves soup) which ended up like Taigum’s soup.

King Prawn Chow Mein $28.00

Beef with Black Bean Sauce $20.50

Steam Rice $2.50

Large Fried Rice $18.00

Chinese Tea for 2 $6.00, XXXX Light $6.50 x 2

I was happy with the quality of the food except for the fried rice. I was expecting a freshly made fried rice for a restaurant of this grade and it being $18.00 but tasted like it was from the warmer so was let down.

Honestly, the prices surprised me. It is probably the most expensive I have ever encountered in Brisbane. If readers have seen a more expensive Chinese restaurant in Brisbane, please let me know. However, an outstanding point to note is their excellent attitude at keeping the local customers happy. Service is kept at a very high standard in this restaurant, wait staff are attentive and are trained to respect the customers needs. They even top it off with a gift of fresh flowers to take home and steamed towels at the end of the meal to freshen up. I really respect the management skills of this restaurant and was a good lesson to try to reflect our own practices.

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4 Responses to Taigum Gardens Chinese Restaurant @ Taigum

  1. Jordan Shay says:

    do they have handsome waiter or hot waitress?

  2. Michelle says:

    That is definitely the most expensive fried rice I have ever seen on the menu of any Chinese restaurant in Brisbane, Taro
    But if it’s worth it, why not? =)

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