Chilli Noodle


Having fun on the noodle machine.  Tonkotsu noodles made with 2% chilli powder blended in.  Check out the pretty color!  And it does have a bit of a kick.  Ask for this instead of normal noodles for a limited time only.  My thoughts, having this in normal tonkotsu (instead of fire ton) is the best in terms of presentation and taste.  

Tried it today with cold tomato noodles. This is also a winner!


3 Responses to Chilli Noodle

  1. Michelle says:

    Looking forward to trying this!
    Hopefully it will still be on the menu next weekend, when I come with my sister =)

  2. Taro-san, any chance this will make a comeback someday? Would love to try this different way of giving a bit of punch to the tonkotsu.

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