Jiro is not ramen, it is a food called Jiro. (popular proverb among hardcore Jiro fans) 



A picture of regular customer T san approving the prototype jiro style ramen.  


Jiro ramen is a category of ramen that is  quite distinct.  There are twenty or thirty shops that call themselves Jiro and perhaps over a hundred of shops that specialize in Jiro inspired ramen.  The top of the pyramid is Jiro Mita Head Quarters in Tokyo, in front of Keio University.  Lots of boiled veggies, and a very fatty soup w thick noodles.  Personally I used to look lightly upon it.  It considers itself the antonym of finesse,  the epitome of B-grade. 
I tried making a Jiro inspired ramen.  I boiled our tonkotsu soup with tenkasu (fried backfat).  The added lipids emulsifies the soup as butter does with sauce.  Add MSG, minced garlic to the soup, match with our tonkotsu tare, thick noodles, heaps of boiled cabbage etc, and a slice of charsiu. 
You get to eat alot of veggies in this dish but the soup is deadly.  Is it healthy or not, that does not matter, all that matters is it is tasty and nostalgic for people who have spent time in tokyo eating at a Jiro’s. 
BTW, the name Jiro means Taro’s younger brother, ie second in reference to the best!?


2 Responses to Jiro

  1. Richard, Rosa, Lachlan & Oliver says:

    Hi Akimoto San, is MSG an essential ingredient in this Jiro preparation? I noted your preference not to use MSG in your dishes in the past.

    • Hi Richard & Gang! Jiro’s is the pinnacle of junk food so MSG is essential. Honestly, I love and am obsessed with all ramen, good and bad. My blog is for the expression of this obscene passion. However, my mission at Taro’s is to serve safe and wholesome premium ramen to the people of Australia and I do not find it consistent with my belief to serve Jiro’s type ramen at Taro’s.

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