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We were recently picked up as one of the best ramen in Brisbane.  They let us choose which ramen to picture so I chose the Tsukemen.  This one, I believe is already currently pretty close to perfect, meaning not much more I can alter to make it any better.  Tonkotsu, Shoyu and others, I still need to keep working on.


Brisbane’s best ramen

Asian influence

It’s fast food, but not as we know it. In Japan there’s a ramen shop on just about every corner, but in Brisbane, they’re only just starting to take off. Believed to have originated with the Chinese, ramen are basically noodles in a flavoured broth. However, aficionados will tell you there are good and bad as well as many variations, favoured by the inhabitants of different regions of Japan. Hearty, healthy and good value. Eschew the burger and fries for a bowl of steaming ramen at the pick of Brisbane’s ramen shops.

Natascha Mirosch, Food Editor

Taro’s Ramen and Cafe

Ground Level, Boeing House
363 Adelaide Street, City
Ph 3832 6358

A more sophisticated offering than usual, both in seating options and menu. No MSG or preservatives are used and the pork is quality Bangalow pork, while the special water (must be referring to Kansui or lye water, ie sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate) used to make the noodles is imported from Japan. There are around half a dozen ramen, from the Tonkotsu to a fiery Tonkotsu, Shio or Golden Triple Soup – a chicken, vegetable and seafood broth with prawn oil. Each large bowl comes with generous amounts of spring noodles, as well as, from boiled egg halves to nori and bamboo shoots, priced between $13.80 and $15.80. (prices now 13.90 to 15.90)

Hakataya Noodle

Shop 27B Sunnybank Plaza,
Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St, Sunnybank
Ph 3344 1313

You’ll know you’ve found it from the line that begins forming from 11am. This is a sister to the popular Hakataya noodle shop in Surfers Paradise. Order at the counter and take a number to one of the outdoor tables or squeeze in at the bench and watch the action in the kitchen. The menu has four types of ramen priced between $10 and $13, from the clear broth of the Nagahama with thin slices of pork and spring onions to a miso-based and richer Karaka men. They come with a side of spicy pickles and extra noodles are free if you ask for them when ordering.


1/16 Railway Parade, Geebung
Ph 3265 5665

Terry Forbes fell in love with ramen on a visit to Japan. A chef who is self taught in the art of ramen, he opened this simple ramen shop in Geebung in mid-2011. A master miso paste is the basis of many of the ramen broths that come in eight types, from soy to butter and corn or a spicy miso. All have generous amounts of meat and are garnished with half a soft-boiled egg and other goodies like fermented bamboo shoots. Prices are from $10-$16.


6 Responses to Courier Mail Review

  1. Richard, Rosa, Lachlan & Oliver says:

    For those who truly appreciate the finer details of ramen and can taste the nuances of broths types and its composition, it is impossible to go past Taro’s. For those fans or visitors to this blog that understand ramen and its diversity in Japan, Taro’s broth surpasses most domestic noodle bars in Japan and would rate as one of the top ramen bars we have been to throughout Japan and/or Australia. Enjoy Taro’s for it will take hold of your taste buds and occupy a small part of you ramen soul………..

    • Richard, Rosa, Oliver and Lachlan,
      Thanks very much for your kind comments!! Having such passionate customers like you keep us going. Our concept of serving premium and safe ramen is finally starting to be enbraced pretty well in Brisbane. Being the first means that we were up for a challenge in promoting our concept but at the same time had the advantage of for example being able to source Bangalow Sweetpork bones exclusively at a sustainable price. Some people still don’t appreciate the subtle non MSG flavours at a premium price but that is not the market I am chasing and I am going to stick to making what I want to (and actually do) eat every single day!

  2. Michelle says:

    Congratulations Taro!
    Well-deserved and the recognition came far too late – I think your customers knew they were onto a good thing from the first bowl! =)

  3. Michelle says:

    Hey Taro,

    I actually had the day off and popped in for lunch with my sister – she lives interstate and insists on having your ramen everytime you’re in town!

    I’m definitely hoping to make it for Friday dinner next week! =)

  4. Charles says:

    I can’t say it more eloquently than Richard,

    “Taro’s broth surpasses most domestic noodle bars in Japan and would rate as one of the top ramen bars we have been to throughout Japan and/or Australia.”

    Taro your Ramen is not one of the best, it is the best in Brisbane/Australia. I have eaten at many ramen restaurants interstate/Japan but your attention to detail and subtle flavour combinations are now my benchmark from which I compare all.

    It’s fantastic to see you now have such a loyal customer base.
    P.S. I agree with your Tsukemen assessment. Your broth and noodle texture is just perfect, even down to the small amount of flavour enriched sediment at the very end. Just awesome.

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