Shangpaign Kitchen @ Sunnybank Hills






Pan Fried Pork Buns
Xia Lon Po
Crab Xia lon po
Seafood Fried rice
Pan fried dumplings
Gai Lang with Ginger Sauce

The concept of all dim sim items are the same.  Bite into’em and get burnt by the gushing soup inside! Even the pork buns.  I thought it would just be the xia lon po but all of the one I ordered!  One dimensional but bloody good.  Considering how highly acclaimed Din tai fun @ sydney and bamboo basket @ southbank are, I guess it is a winning concept.  Shangpaign is also ranked no.1 chinese in the southern suburbs on urbanspoon.  Recommended.

Shangpaign Kitchen on Urbanspoon


3 Responses to Shangpaign Kitchen @ Sunnybank Hills

  1. Michelle says:

    Hey Taro

    Shangpaign Kitchen has become one of my go-to places in Sunnybank, if I wanted a bit of a treat (as I usually frequent cheap-and-cheerful eateries like Coffee Square, Pho Hien Vuong or Little Taipei)

    I like my food spicy, so do give their chilli-infused stuff a go as well (maybe the fish fragranced pork with pancakes or beancurd and pork hotpot) – otherwise it can get pretty one-dimensional like you said =)

    ps: Love their pork buns!

    pps: The same folk are also responsible for Taste Gallery in Market Square – tried it, and decided it wasn’t worth the mad queues, as you can basically get the same items at Shangpaign Kitchen at the same price =)

  2. Michelle says:

    No worries Taro – information is meant to be shared! =)

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