Sunnybank Eats







Little Taipei Food Court.  The boiled dumpligs were really good! 

Mos Burger.  I am not a Mossie but my wife is.  According to her, it is not as good as Mos in Japan but acceptable, buns being the biggest difference.  I did notice that the onions were diced in huge clumps in the signature sauce.  I have never taken care in Japan but I don’t think they are that big as it adds too much zing to the taste when they are that big.  Kids would probably not like the Mos Burger in Sunnybank for the same reason.


3 Responses to Sunnybank Eats

  1. Michelle says:

    I like the Little Taipei Food Court for a quick no-fuss meal too!
    The boiled dumplings are yum, as are the gyoza. I usually end to either order the beef noodles or lemongrass pork chop with rice from Yang’s Cuisine =)

    Good to know re the difference between MOS in Japan and Australia. I hear they are planning to open another outlet in the City soon?

  2. James says:

    Taro-san, I don’t know about the “regular” MOS Burger burgers, as I’ve never eaten one, either in Japan or here. However, my kids (aged six and three) absolutely love the rice burgers, particularly the ginger pork rice burger. I’m looking forward to MOS opening a store in the city, although it does mean that I’ll then have to decide between ramen or rice burger for lunch!

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