Bundaberg Brewed Soft Drinks

告白します。Ginger Beerは甘すぎ、そんなに好きではありません。でも、このPeachee、そしてその他のPink Grapefruit、Guava、Blood Orange味、だまされたと思って飲んでみてください。本当に美味しいです。裏面の原材料を見てみるとJuice from Concentrate 5%以外にフルーツを発酵させたエキスも入れているとの事。道理で凝縮された熟した味がする訳です!

I have to admit, I am not a big fan of Bundaberg Ginger Beer.  I initially just stocked it to support the QLD company.  The Ginger Beer is just too sweet for me.  But I tried their Peachee, Pink Grapefruit, Blood Orange or Guava flavours.  It was just unbelievably refreshing and fruity.  I look at the ingredients back and find that they use 5% fruit juice from concentrate and not only that but they seem to ferment fruit with yeast to add the brewed extract for added flavour kick!  And boy this does the job.  Real intense fruit flavours characteristic of really really ripe fruits..  Just give it a try!  Of course, no artificial flavours or colours!


2 Responses to Bundaberg Brewed Soft Drinks

  1. Linda Sbisa says:

    Yum my favourite, GUAVA !

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