Mission Miso



Imagine stirring a pot of lava that bursts mercilessly sometimes up as high as your face!  This is what goes on to make our miso dare. 

Wanted, full time employees, must be thugs with no fear to help me with this and other mission impossibles to prepare the Best Ramen in Australia.  Send your resumes by email. 


9 Responses to Mission Miso

  1. Richard, Rosa, Lachlan & Oliver says:

    Akimoto san, is your miso lava delight making its way to your menu…? Pls let your fans know so we could come and try it.

  2. Natalie says:

    Hey Taro,….

    Looks a delight and scrumptious to boot,..I second that, is this to appear on the menu..?

  3. Nozomi Shigekane says:

    時間ができ、店長ブログを見てみたら、Miso ramenが!!
    I’m surprised it and I’d like to go to your shop to eat and learned it!!写真を眺め、トッピング何かな…、どの麺なのかな…とチェックしていますよ!(*_*)
    今後、Miso ramenがどうなるのか見逃せません!!

  4. Richard, Rosa, Lachlan & Oliver says:

    Hi Akimoto San, we finally made it to your cafe and tried the miso ramen. Nice. We also tried Men-Jikeng last weekend…….?!?! It was certainly different. Don’t often see you at the cafe on Sat lunch time, our boys were asking about why master chef Akimoto San not here any more?? I told them that you were travelling the world sourcing magic ingredients to make special ramen soup.

    • Richard or Rosa, that is such a fantastic reply to tell your sons!!! Actually, I was working in the kitchen till 1:00AM last night and needed a rest. I usually try to take Sat lunch time off so come in any other time and I will be sure to say hi.

  5. Michelle says:

    I tried it and it was absolutely delicious – like you said, just the thing during winter!
    I am going to have to alternate between this (if available) and tonkotsu ramen from now on =)

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