Due to the earthquake, our organic nori (seaweed) supplier, the Hoshi family in Shichigahama, Japan has lost all of his nori harvesting boat & equipment on top of his rice paddies being devastated.  They fortunately seem to have some stock that is safe but are not in a situation to organize deliveries at the moment.  In response to this emergency event, we have flown in dried nori (not organic kan-nori) for our tonkotsu ramen from Ariake, Japan and we ask your understanding in that regard.  We still have stock of organic roasted nori (yakinori) for sushi and shoyu ramen but may have to switch to Ariake nori should supplies be short. With your understanding, I will also like to donate 30% of your kind donations directly to the Hoshi family who are suffering so much from this tragic event. 



4 Responses to Nori

  1. Michelle says:

    I am sorry to hear about the Hoshi family’s plight. Hopefully they will, with some assistance, be able to get back on their feet soon.

    • Michelle, thank you again so much for organizing the donations jar from your workplace. I was so touched when you did this for us and for the people of the Tohoku area. I am sorry about not consulting you but wanted to send 30% of the collected funds to Hoshi san. Is this alright with you?

  2. Michelle says:

    Not a problem at all – I think you would know better than I would about where the funds should go. I am more than happy to leave it in your hands =)

    The Hoshi family members are alright though? As in none of them were hurt?

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