Japan Earthquake Charity Wristband

Thanks everybody for your warm support for our earthquake appeal. I would like to close our individual appeal. With your permission, I would like to send 30% of the collected funds to our nori supplier, the Hoshi family who have been hit so hard by the tsunami. The remaining 70%, I plan to send to the Miyagi Prefecture Donations Section who will distribute the funds fairly by assessment from a joint committee of Miyagi Prefectural government and the local red cross. I will report on the exact amount collected and the beneficiary of the funds after reconciling the details.

Our support for the quake victims continue as we have been contacted by Mebae (partner of a very regular customer) who is organizing a very good form of appeal. Charity wristbands. Please see Wristband info pledge form and below link for details.


She is generously donating the cost of organizing this and the manufacturing cost of the bands out of her pocket so 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. Taro’s will support this by having all employees wear the wristbands. Honestly, I am not into these accessory thingies so thought I would just donate and not wear it but, I guess the picture of a hairy ramen shop owner wearing a white wrist band has some value as advertizing so I will unwillingly participate… Everyone, if you can kindly consider purchasing a band or donating into the charity well.

Pictured are our photogenic staff with the cool wrist bands!


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