Back Again at The Smoke BBQ

My parents are in town and after talking about our days in America and about how well Smoke is doing, we decided to head down for a meal.

The well tested usuals, buffalo wings, this time with “3rd degree burn” sauce on the side and spinach and strawberry salad with heaps of walnuts and blue cheese marinated in honey, poppy seeds and vinaigrette.

One new item, cajun chicken cigars. Smoked chicken and corn and cajun seasoning in springroll skins.

Our wine, a Mornington Peninsula Pinot. Good basic wine, good deep flavour with nice dark colour, a bit light on the Pinot aromas.

Our mains, I got too excited and started eating so the photo is a representation of what is left half way thru the mains…   We got half size baby back ribs and smoked beef brisket. The brisket was too lean for me. The ribs had a really nice smokey flavour as usual.

My father got into his American eating mode and wanted to try some desserts especially if they had some pecan pies, but they said they only have brownies or pumpkin pie at the moment and the pecan is coming back soon for the winter menu!

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2 Responses to Back Again at The Smoke BBQ

  1. Michelle says:

    That looks very yummy – I am going to have to visit again to try the cigars! Their ribs always hit the spot though – I always start out meaning to order the brisket (or anything other than the ribs) but I’m not capable of passing them up!

    • The cigars had smoked chicken, corn and cajun spices in it. The smoke flavour was nice but the chicken was quite lean. I personally like juicier stuff but the smokeyness was quite nice. Exactly same story with the brisket. The ribs, are perfect! You are definately right, you can’t pass by their ribs.

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