Trang / Pho

I am a noodler by heart. On Sundays, I ponder what I want to eat and often, I want to eat noodles. 

Trang is a very popular Vietnamese restaurant in West End that I have known for years.  I was shocked to learn that these guys are in the Urbanspoon top 3 restaurants in entire QLD!   I know and remembered them because I read that they use minimal MSG in their cooking and that means that they are the only vietnamese that I know of that don’t use heaps of MSG.  Their soup therefore, doesn’t have an overwhelming “punch” or “impact” as some people call it for good and bad intentions.  (Those people will probably say the same for our soup which use absolutely no MSG.)  So you can tell the difference after eating  Trang.  You don’t get the usual MSG symptoms, getting sleepy or thirsty. 

Aside from that, their soup is subtlely flavourful and their beef is actually rare, yes!  And their noodles are intact and don’t fall apart making it able to be picked up by chopsticks.   This time, there wasn’t any coriander in the soup so maybe I should ask coriander in next time. 

Their dimsim was a no for me.  I am not an expert on Vietnamese dimsim so it may be authentic but personally I much prefer the Chinese yumcha style dimsims at Landmark or Manor with the springy pork texture.  The Trang version tastes too much of binding flour rather than meat.
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6 Responses to Trang / Pho

  1. Michelle says:

    Trang sounds great Taro! I will have to give it a go sometime soon =)

    Have you eaten at Pho Hien Vuong in Market Square? I am generally there if I feel like Vietnamese food. I am pretty sure they use MSG in the stock though, if my thirst is any indicator -_____-

  2. Hi Michelle!
    I don’t know the names of the shops in Market Sq. I had a really bad experience at the shop that is between Yuen’s Supermarket and Malaya Corner. I don’t usually care too much about service as long as the food is good but when you patiently ask for something the second time after they forget and then still say thank you and smile and then get ignored in return, that kind of kills your day. If Hien Vuong isn’t that one, i will give it a go. Thanks!
    I like to go to the Plaza side. Landmark Plaza for my MSG fix! I also like the Vietnamese under the carpark close to 頂上Supermarket. Also the Vietnamese inside the Plaza shopping centre across from Gloria Jeans is also clean and good for me.

  3. Michelle says:

    Hey Taro,

    I know which Pho shop you are talking about – I went there myself once, and didn’t return! The food was sub-par and the service lacklustre.

    Pho Hien Vuong is the one next to the public toilets (weird I know!) and Coffee Square. Although, to be honest, I don’t think the service there is outstanding either – I would put up with a lot for a bow of good pho though!

    I will definitely have to try the Vietnamese in the carpark. I have tried the one in the Plaza itself, but it didn’t sit quite right with me for some reason.

    Having said that, I am Malaysian-born and we like our food strongly-flavoured – could be why!

    I stopped going to Landmark after they started making us get our own char siew bao =(

    I generally gravitate to The Manor (cleaner, quieter and way fresher dim sum as it’s made-to-order) at Eight Mile Plains these days:

    I have only ever been there during the day for yum cha, but I think it transforms into a seafood restaurant by night?

    • Hi Michelle!

      OK, I know now, they have a bit of outdoor seating. Yes I have been, but long time ago and dont remember too much except the serving being a pretty decent size so I shall make a return visit. I recall my wife didn’t like the atmosphere there so I better go before she comes back from Japan.

      Of course we know about Manor! Been there day and night. We go for the marksheet yumcha during day, and mainly for their tangy sharkfin soup during night. I even had a huge party there once with my Jap corporate friends, they let me order (bad idea!!!) and ended up feasting on mud crab, lobster, shark fin soup, basically the lot of all the expensive and market price items! Ended up being over $100 per head for a party of 20!

      I wrote about them briefly in my post about Landmark here.

      I should write a whole article on Manor, I have been back recently, taken photos but felt the shark fin soup tasted a little blander than when we used to go regularly and was sort of put off wrting an article not wanting to sound too negative.

  4. Michelle says:

    I reckon $100 per head for the quality and quantity of seafood you ordered is a bargain! =D

    Yes, it can be hard to strike the balance between being honest and not wanting to be perceived as overly-critical.

    I haven’t had sharksfin soup for ages, but I do recall Malaysians adding a dash of vinegar into their bowls prior to supping it down?

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