Spare Ribs Taro’s Style

My supplier Bangalow Sweet Pork sent me bone in pork belly by mistake and therefore, this item appeared on the menu for 1 day.  Unfortunately, there was no takers and it was devoured by myself and lucky staff, with a big grin after the meal.  I did write “Not recommended by the chef (LOL)” on the specials board for obvious reasons but guys, you missed out big time! 

Ribs done American style, smoked with bbq sauce are great but my favourite is Asian style.  The Chinese restaurant Ching Ching in Stamford Connecticut used to do a really good roasted spare rib as an appetizer, red in colour like Chinese charsiu and flavoured with sweet soy.  My mother had her own version for the barbeque and this is what I used for my seasoning this time.  A little bit of ketchup, oyster sauce, garlic, ginger, and a solid base of soy sauce and mirin.  Marinate the meat and into the oven or the bbq.  Just beautiful! 

Actually I think I cooked this same dish the first time I had a very special lady guest (now wife!) came to visit my apartment in Japan.


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