New Sake Line Up / Dassai 39, Dassai 50

Two new Daiginjo in stock.  Dassai 50 and Dassai 39.  The numbers referring to the rice yeild or polishing ratio.  The Dassai 39 has a beautiful fruity ginjo aroma that comes to your nose.  Dassai 50 is a clean sweetish every day daiginjo.  Together with our Hakushika Sennenju Daiginjo, be prepared for our super premium Sake Sampler “The Daiginjo Flight” coming soon…

By the way, you can rest assured that all our specialty sake and shochu has been tested for “quality” prior to it being served to the customers. 


2 Responses to New Sake Line Up / Dassai 39, Dassai 50

  1. Do you import sake yourself or is there a reliable supplier here in Bris/Aust? My husband and I went to Takayama and brought back a sensational locally made Daiginjo. Unfortunately we have not been able to get any decent ones here in Brisbane. The closest we’ve ever had here was at Saké Restaurant, their Kozaemon #38 Junmai Ginjo Bizen Omachi at $84 for 500ml carafe!

    • Hi Steph,
      We have suppliers for our sake. However, you can bet that I control the quality tightly because I take great joy in tasting every single new line up!
      $84 for 500ml is relatively cheap probably because it is a Ginjo (rice yield less than 60%). As you know, Daiginjo is a different beast (rice yield less than 50%) with a different aroma and of course price.
      Our Dassai 39% is pretty impressive. I will make the “Daiginjo Flight” tasting set for you if you want to try all 3 of our Daiginjo.
      Our premium shochu, Miktake and Mori Izo, we personally import ourselves. There are no suppliers in Australia that carry these legendary boutique shochus.

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