Little Singapore / Hainan Chicken w Rice

Recently, on Urbanspoon Taro’s is having a fierce competition with Little Singapore on the CBD Top Restaurant rankings.  This is quite an honor as Little Singapore was a place that I referred to prior to opening Taro’s up as a good model case.    

Quiet but distinct decor, efficient use of space, good fresh cooked food, a good cafe/drink menu and a superb location.  Hustling and bustling all through the day even during off peak hours.  Little Singapore has a lot of things I would like to take in. 

I ordered the house special Hainan Chicken with butter rice and Lemon Ribena.  I was told there is a fifteen minute wait on the Hainan Chicken.  No problems! I am not put off at all, instead happy that I made the right choice of selecting a popular item in demand.  The Hainan Chicken is so tender and beautiful for me but I wonder whether non Asians would accept the soft steamed chicken skin on.  Many health conscious westerners dislike the feel of the skin and the layer of fat between the skin and thigh meat.  Anyhow, great that we can eat chicken skin on in some places because this country is too obsessed with discarding chicken skin.  The butter rice is also very nice.  The sauce could have been a little more gingery in my opinion.
Little Singapore (Brisbane) on Urbanspoon


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