Kedron Park Hotel / Steak

A couple of weeks ago, I had the biggest craving for steak.  Working at Taro’s I am surrounded by so much pork so I think my subliminal conscience pressed my panic beef urge button. 

It began around 6:30pm on a Sunday.  All the normal super markets and butcher shops are closed.  I ran around going from Foodworks Chermside, Night Owl Chermside, Night Owl Aspley, Food Works Eagle Junction with no success.   I had a vague memory that they used to have vacuum packed steak at Night Owl New Farm but none of the northern suburb late night food shops had it.  I still could have tried the Valley or New Farm but decided to give up at 7:15pm and headed to Kedron Park Hotel. 

It was empty being on a Sunday evening.  Instead of sitting by myself at the empty bistro, I sat down at the bar and ordered the American Rib Eye, a massive chunk of protein on the bone (and on the dish). 

Beautiful.  I hadn’t been to too many pub restaurants aside from the famous ones like the Norman and the Brekkie Creek but I must say, it was worth venturing out.  The steak was char grilled to perfection as per my order rare.  The chips and salad was generous and tasty.  The biggest point of difference is the cost performance.  The 500g steak was $33 and drinks were incredibly cheap, the Brewers Golden Ale in a schooner was only $3.50 and a glass of Sirromet Cab Sauv was only $4 or $4.5..  They also have various deals going on and makes you want to come back.

After the high calorie meal, I just couldn’t resist another massive craving and was drawn into Baskin Robbins…. 


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