Earthquake in Japan

The devastating scenes on the news show how bad the damage is.  My parents live several kms east of Sendai on the coastal town of Shichigahama.  Shichigahama is actually cut off from the main land with a canal running thru it and is connected to the main land with a couple of bridges.  It also has several industrial sites including an oil refinery and a coal-fired power plant.  Obviously, the town was hit badly by the tsunami and understand there are fire threats due to the industrial sites in the proximity.  I am deeply concerned for residents in the area including our nori supplier, the Hoshi family.  My wife in Sasebo, western Japan (no impact there) was able to make contact with my parents immediately after the quake and confirmed their safety and their intention to move to higher ground in anticipation of the tsunami.  Thereafter, the following day (yesterday) my aunt was able to make contact with them once hearing that they are staying at an evacuation site but after that I can not get through.  I am guessing they like all others in the area are in survival with no power or access to goods.  On top of all, the nuclear plant 40-50km south in Fukushima is facing meltdown….  I don’t have the pragmatic answer regarding CO2 but I have always been against nuclear power in Japan, after all, it is the most earthquake prone nation in the world.  I can only pray that my parents and all other survivors can hang on until things get back to manageable levels. 

Meanwhile, as worried as I am, there isn’t much I can do so I will operate business as usual and donate to the relief appeal.  I will continue to support Hoshi san should they be able to get back on their feet. 






5 Responses to Earthquake in Japan

  1. Michelle says:

    Dear Taro,

    My well wishes go out to you and your family, and all others affected by this devastating event.

    Please let us know if there is anything we can do – this includes donating items/ money.

    I think many of us want to help, but we are at a loss as to how. With the floods in Brisbane, we knew where help was need – the mud army headed out armed with brooms and mops and started cleaning up houses/ backyards street by street.

    This is entirely different (being overseas, albeit in a country with such close and warm ties with Australia), but the heartbreak is just as devastating.

    Take care, and I hope you manage to get in contact with your family soon.

  2. Thank you everyone for your warm support. I have been able to get in touch with my parents and fortunately for them, they are now taking refuge in a safe environment. I continue to pray for the tens of thousands in worse situations.

  3. Richard, Rosa, Lachlan & Oliver says:

    Dear Akimoto san,

    Our best wishes to your family in Japan. We have been a loyal fan of your ramen bar since your opening and am very concerned about the event in Japan. As ethnic Taiwanese living in Australia, we have fond memories of travels in Japan and our ramen tours throughout, including the Shin Yokohama ramen museum. We will be coming again tonight and certainly will donate a little bit toward your cause. Best wishes for your family back in Japan.

    • Richard and Rosa,
      It was quite busy tonight and I hope you didn’t feel the wait too long… Thanks so much for coming in to have shabu shabu and to generously donate. I appreciate your support and will make sure your donation is delivered to those in need in North East Japan. Re the suigyoza, I did get hold of tiger prawn meat with good texture but I think I need to increase the ratio of prawn further to get better texture so I hope next time should be even better.

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