Century Egg ピータン

There is a brave Aussie girl in my staff who has really conservative taste (food).  She hates seafood, she admits she grew up on meat and potato but what I admire about her is that she will have a go at anything before making her decision.  So so far, I have made her try natto, umeboshi, tofu, green tea ice cream, etc, etc.  The other day, I got a  century egg.  This is a duck egg that has been buried in the ground and left to ferment for a while.  The end result, the egg white turns into a black hard jelly and the yolk turns green.  A slight ammonia smell, I think it is pretty similar to natto and I like having it every once in a while.  I used the first one into a cold dish with tofu, tomato, shallots, sesame oil, chilli sauce and soy sauce.  And another one in a congee (pictured). 





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